BetteStarlet V Silhouette is clear and harmonious. The interior and exterior bath bodies are smoothly joined with the greatest skill and craftsmanship. The central outlet is perfect for bathing à deux. The fitted corner version of BetteStarlet opens up a wide range of architectural options, and is perfect for integrating in small bathrooms. It is available in a wide range of dimensions and as BetteBicolour with a black or lilac enamelled skirt.
Type: Other, special form

Bette Starlet V Silhouette Bath

  • Multiplex M5   Code: B601-   901 Chrome  or 000 White

                                                   £165.00            £198.00  

    Filling unit Multiplex Trio MT5   

    Code: B605-   901 Chrome or 000 White

                                £503.00         £549.00