The perfect symmetry of the oval bath radiates clarity and harmony. The central outlet is perfect for bathing à deux. The comfortable rectangular fitted bath is available in a wide range of dimensions and designs.
Type: Fitted, rectangular

Bette Starlet Bath

  • * Extended waste required for code 1830

    Viega Multiplex M5 bath waste BWL 725 130-370      Code: VI138561

    Viega Multiplex Trio MT5 filler waste BWL 725, flat version for 52mm central connection     Code: VI727741

    *Viega Mutiplex Trio MT5 filler waste BWL 1070 flat version for 52mm     Code: VI727758

    *Viega Multiplex working comp BWL 1070 + Viega Multiplex M5 set     Code: VI308889 + VI721244