The BetteLoft Ornament free-standing bath is the epitome of titanium steel's outstanding versatility. Its expressive outer design accentuates the straight lines of the inner well, which are echoed in the geometric pattern. Delicate side edges form the generous interior, and provide a particularly high level of reclining comfort. The fascinating play between light and shadow lends this luxurious bath an outstanding luminosity and vibrancy.
Type: Free-standing, rectangular
Design: Tesseraux + Partner

Bette Loft Ornament Bath

  • Spring Tap       Code: B533

    Multiplex M5 fitting, extended for Silhouette       Code: B601

    Multiplex Trio MT5 fitting unit for Silhouette         Code: B605

    BETTE WASTE Multiplex Plus 5 for Silhouette     Code: B625

    BETTE WASTE Multiplex Trio Plus 5 for Silhouette   Code: B626

    BetteSensory Silhouette, order with the ending oUL   Code: B635